Painting with watercolors

Watercolors have always been my preffered medium when it comes to painting. Watercolors are typically thought of as a great paint for beginners. Once you've gotten acquainted with watercolors it's usually time to graduate to other paints. This can be further from the truth. Watercolors although great for beginners are also extremely difficult to master. It takes a lot of practice to make a watercolor painting to stand out. I tend to layer a lot of different colors as I paint. My painting constantly evolves to more depths and as time consuming it may be, I still love working with watercolors.

Drawing with charcoal

Aside from all the painting that I do, I also love drawing without color. Sometimes, colors can be overwhelming or distracting. Turning to black and white can be ideal if you want to convey a certain emotion. I do all of my sketches with pencil first and then decide whether it needs color or not. There are some drawings that you sort of feel need to be in black and white. When working with charcoal, it's important to understand the difference between contrast and shading. You never want to go too dark with your shadows and your highlights also need a countermeasure. If you want to work with charcoal you have to find a balance to your lights and darks otherwise your drawings may begin to seem a bit empty.

Writing prose and poetry

Art is not exclusive to drawing and painting. Art has many forms and I like to explore all of them. Writing has always been something I enjoyed doing. I love writing stories, poems, and songs. Most of the writing that I've done has been with pen and paper. Only recently have I begun transferring that information into the digital sphere. Hopefully, if time allows, I will publish some of my written work here on my website. Perhaps I'll even write about some of the characters that I've depicted in my paintings. That is something that I'll still like to contemplate as I wait for more feedback first.

Practicing and preaching yoga

Yoga is not just a means of exercising or staying in shape. Yoga is a way of life and just like with art, I've been on this path since an early age. Yoga teaches patience and helps me overcome daily struggles and frustrations. Most importantly, I feel that yoga helps me focus, as I'm able to enter a creative mindset with less effort of will. And of course, it's also important to maintain your body. Your physical manifestation in this world has a limit so it should be one of your goals to maintain your physical image. A healthy body means a healthy mind, and a healthy soul.

Living life to the fullest

Life is an adventure, it's supposed to be an exciting journey. Sure you'll run into troubles from time to time. Things don't always go your way. You'll be hurt and sometimes feel defeated. These are all important lessons in the expereience we call life. Living life to the fullest means we have to accept the good and the bad as they come. We cannot avoid hardships in this world but the way we perceive things is entirely up to us. I try my best to love the entire world equally. We're all human beings with the potential to create great things. There is no reason not to live your life to the best of your abilities.

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